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Benefits of working with a Financial Advisor Thumbnail

Benefits of working with a Financial Advisor

When talking about our finances, we often get caught up in the dollars and cents, and the tangible return on investment (ROI) we can use to improve our lives. So, when we’re looking for a Financial Advisor, it's natural to focus on whether they will help you make more money.

When we get too caught up in focusing on a single benefit, like ROI, we may miss other important aspects of the relationship and end up working with an advisor that doesn’t fit with our needs or wants. 

That’s why it’s important to remember that working with a Financial Advisor brings both tangible and intangible, or soft, benefits.

Money Matters – the tangible benefits

Combining our expertise and long-standing experience, we help our clients make better decisions with their finances so they can earn more from investments and avoid paying excess taxes or losing wealth by other means.

But, while these benefits are the ones most people usually focus on when they’re trying to find a Financial Advisor, our long-term clients often have a different view of how we help.

The soft benefits of a Financial Advisor

Stress Mitigation

There’s all kinds of simple, trite advice out there for investors and some of it is even true. However, you can get told to ‘buy low, sell high’ every week for the rest of your life, but it’s still going to be tempting to sell when the bottom falls out of the market and everything seems to be crashing down around your ears.

When that happens, you know what to do, but it seems so counterintuitive. The alarm bells in the back of your head are saying ‘run away’ while the trite advice tells you to sit there and wait. And, of course, those alarm bells seem to be a lot louder than the advice you’ve read online from self-proclaimed gurus.

This is when having a Financial Advisor can really help. When you call us, we’ll be here to talk you through your problems and stresses and give a little volume boost to the good advice, while turning down the volume on the panic and knee-jerk reactions.

A goal to reach for and track

Investing can be difficult. Most of us aren’t wired to compromise our current desires in order to pursue long-term goals. We want things to happen now – especially these days.

This is particularly true for those of us who don’t have an investment plan. When we stick our money in an account and cross our fingers, it makes it hard to understand what our money’s doing and impossible to know if it’s getting us where we want to go. Mainly because we don’t know where we want to go.

When you work with a Financial Advisor, we create a plan together and come back to check in routinely to make sure we’re headed in the right direction. This allows you to reach short and long-term goals and make adjustments when necessary, giving you the satisfaction today instead of constantly pushing it off to some dreamy tomorrow that may or may not come to be.

A coach in your corner

When everything seems to be falling apart, or even when things are going great, it's hard to see your way through. Underperforming investments may make your future seem shaky, while over-performing investments may seem to open up brand new possibilities that threaten to derail your plan. 

Working with a Financial Advisor, you always have someone in your corner who knows you and your goals and is invested in your success. This gives our clients the confidence to push through those low times, and take the right risks when everything is going well. 

Today’s benefits

So while a better investment portfolio is the first thing you should be thinking about when working with a Financial Advisor, don’t forget the benefits that can make investing better today. Our experience and knowledge allow you to make wise investments without taking time away from the family and life you’ve created. And, the soft benefits give you confidence throughout the investing process – which is your life and career.

So, no matter what the markets are doing, or where your portfolio is sitting right now you can be sure that we will help you make the best decisions through the ups and down of of the market.